What is a Virtual Assistant??

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You're here so you must be wondering what a Virtual Assistant is. I get asked that all the time! Short answer…. a Virtual Assistant or VA is basically a growing businesses Fairy Godmother. Haha. But seriously, as a VA I help take care of the details or behind the scenes busy work that takes you away from doing what it is that you do. The bread and butter of your business.  I do all of this “virtually” from my home office.

Using a virtual assistant is great for growing businesses who may not need a full time or even part time employee but still have too much on their plate to take care of on their own. Everything that I do is tailored to my clients. During our initial consultation, we will discuss what areas of your business you find overwhelming, don’t have the time to take care of or that you find flat out don’t want to do. Together we will game plan what approach works best for you and your brand.

Now that you have a general idea of what it is a VA does be sure and check out my services offered page to get a feel for what I can do for you!

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