15 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Gone are the days that businesses were just brick and mortar and to be of assistance you were working in house. Now more than half of businesses are run virtually. Half!  So now the question is “How can a Virtual Assistant help you”?


As a virtual assistant, I work remotely as a freelancer, on tasks that you as the business owner assign. We will decide together the best way to stay in communication while your projects are getting worked on. Weekly meeting to check progress, document sharing, etc. Hiring a VA allows you to get the work done while keeping overhead costs low. Think in terms of what goes into hiring a fulltime or even part time employee.  Cost to train, healthcare, sick and vacation pay. All that goes out the door when hiring a VA, keeping overhead low and you still get the desired outcome you are looking for.


Here are just a few services that you can have outsourced to a VA:


1.       Schedule Meetings

2.       Inbox Detox and Organization

3.       Remind you of Important Dates – i.e. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Client Meetings etc.

4.       Project Support

5.       Create & Maintain your social media accounts

6.       Prepare Travel Arrangements

7.       Pay Bills

8.       Spreadsheet Creation

9.       Data Entry

10.   Send Client Invoices

11.   Client Care and Follow Up

12.   Research

13.   Email Customer Service

14.   Simple Graphic Design

15.   Don’t see what you need? Ask…You might be surprised.


If you are interested in seeing how I can help your business specifically contact me here. Truly hope you found this information of value. Stay tuned for more!

Gwen TaniguchiComment