Services Offered


As your Virtual Assistant I am here to take all the pesky details off your plate. I will help keep you organized and on top of your "To-Do" list. Clearing space for you to get back to what you do, the bread and butter of your business. Or maybe even take that vacation you have been putting off.

We offer a variety of services and all of our packages that are customizable to you and the needs of your business! 

Here is the short list of services offered. Keep in mind that everything I do is tailored for you, so if you don’t see a specific service offered please feel free to ask if it is offered.  

OBM Services

  • Clickfunnels (Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Membership Pages)

  • Project Management (Monday, Slack, Asana, Smartsheets)

  • Marketing and Uplevel Strategy

  • Best Practices and Streamlining Audits

  • Creation of project plans (timelines, resources and processes required)

  • Team Management

  • Manage New Product Launches



Virtual Assistant Services

  • Calendar and Scheduling Managementy

  • Email Management/Inbox Detox

  • Auto Responder Set Up

  • Spreadsheet Creation and Data Reconciliation

  • Documenting Best Business Processes

  • Best Practices and Streamlining Audits

  • Research



Social Media Management

  • Planning, Strategy and Execution of Social Media Marketing Campaigns

  • Audience Research

  • Managing your online presence - Upload photos, postings

  • Gather post ideas and articles to stay relevant

  • Facebook Ad Management

  • Online networking - Liking Pages, Post Engagement

  • Blog Management



The list goes on! If you don't see your service listed don't worry! I've got you covered. Contact me here for your FREE phone consult to see what I can do to get your business running smoother.